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March 29, 2012

Holy moly!

Can someone get me one of these, pretty please? Zounds, talk about an eye-full! Looks like the ever-scrumptious Chun-Li has really been putting away the chocolate malts!

If only I had a chunk of cash to throw away on this eye-popping extravaganza. Spinning Bird Kick, indeed! I'd show you the x-rated version, though I don't think I could get away with it on here (let me just say I think she must have gotten a little uncomfortable in the red bikini). Maybe I should dig through the Tripod terms of service agreement? But oh my, if only you could see it.

I'm wondering though, how'd sweet little Chun-Li ever turn into such a brazen sexpot? A little panty is one thing, but this? Ah, she used to be such a nice girl. I'm not complaining, mind you. Just saying is all.

BTW: To the guy who e-mailed me asking why I hardly ever update this site, this is why. Really, just how many Sega Genesis reviews do you need, anyway? So careful what you ask for, cause if I had my way this place would turn into a perverted den of video game hentai filth. Unless of course, that's what you want, which if that's the case then I'd be happy to oblige you. Better first look up the Tripod ToS. though. Or maybe I need to find another host?

Now excuse me while I go wash my dirty mind out with soap. It's the Internet, I tell you. It's not my fault Google "safe search" fails me and my innocent little web queries come up with stuff like a might-as-well-have-nothing-on Chun-Li. You think I could of come across something like this 20 years ago? OK, so maybe I turned safe search off for just a moment. Still...

But enough's enough. I just want to add though, if you can't get me the professionally painted Chun-Li resin figure, then how about this?

It's the next best thing, no? Or if all the Chun-Li's are out of stock because of the Christmas holiday, how about Mai Shiranui?

Actually, this one would do quite nicely too.

Just let me know because, honestly, I'd be happy to get my hands on any one of them, so to speak. No pressure, mind you. Just take your time and let me know what you've got left there in the back room and I can send payment through PayPal right away. Seriously, I'm good for it. Just don't take too long, ok?



December 27, 2007

New screenshots and review: Cadash

December 26, 2007

New screenshots and review: Chase H.Q. II

December 21, 2007

Added new screenshots and/or reviews for Mystical Fighter, Golden Axe, Dragon's Revenge, Alien Storm, Blades of Vengeance, Devilish, Fighting Masters, Street Smart, Sunsetriders, Double Dragon, and a few more I can't recall.

December 19, 2007

Hello again. Added some new reviews this week (Dynamite Duke, Super Baseball 2020), and changed some old ones. Also added a bunch of screenshots to some existing reviews. Just so you know I'm still alive.

I'm wondering, has everyone who would want a Sega Genesis already acquired one within the past few years? I thought now that the early 2000s "retro" craze is waning and everyone is busy on their dorky 360 or effeminiate Wii, the market for old Genesis games and hardware would have settled down. It doesn't seem so though, judging by how much things still go for on eBay. What's up with that? Are there guys (because I know it sure as hell ain't girls, as most of them are probably too busy watching reality television) who are JUST NOW getting their hands on a Genesis console? And are these the 20-somethings who grew up owning a Genesis, or just collectors who have to own every damn thing? I don't think it's the teenagers. Heaven forbid today's youngins' get into playing primitive 16-bit games.

Man teh grafix suk!!

You know, sometimes people really exhaust me. More than sometimes actually. But hey, as long as I have a Sega Genesis, and some hentai, the world doesn't seem so bad. I guess.

By the way, stop playing Genesis games on an emulator and then saying they suck. Half the time it's the crap sound emulation or the sluggish emulator gameplay that's to blame. This goes not just for Genesis games but those of other consoles too. So stop basing your opinions on ROMs running on Gens. And please, stop with the Virtual Console and the friggin $8 downloadable games already. What a rip.

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