Alien Storm

Rating: C

Alien Storm is a game that falls somewhere between "sucky" and "kind of fun." The graphics are decent, though the music leaves a lot to be desired and the sound effects are pretty bland. Also, the characters' weapons are pretty lame: guns and flamethrowers pretty much have the range of a hand-to-hand weapon. You control a man, a woman, or a 7-foot tall robot, progessing through each level in a manner very similar to Golden Axe, one screen at a time, with all sorts of uglies coming at you from every direction. The three controller buttons are used for attack, jump, and special weapon. The special weapon is much like casting magic in Golden Axe and will cause mass damage to everything on screen, though instead of magic your special weapon is a jet fighter strike or a mini nuclear missile (ouch), if I remember correctly. Also featured in the game are little "Operation Wolf" style shooting modes where you control a crosshair and blast away at all the aliens on-screen in first-person, shooting falling objects that serve as powerups before they disappear.

Despite the negative opinions a lot of people have about Alien Storm, it's not a bad game, though certainly I wouldn't call it good either. It just is, as in a game you might play once to the end but then never again. Of course, it is a bit more fun with 2 players. Try it with a pal. Maybe one of you can play the girl.

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