Alisia Dragoon

Rating: B-

Scantily clad fantasy babes: slap one on the cover and you've got my attention for sure. And there she is on screen, in all her leggy, 16-bit glory. Just wonderrrful. What's also cool is that Alisia has little monster companions that she can summon to aid her (they hover around her and either absorb shots or attack enemies), and a big lightning bolt weapon that's a nice change from the standard bullets or energy balls that serve as your weapon in most platform shooter games (your lightning bolt shoots out in a straight line for as long as you hold down the attack button, though after a few seconds you'll have to let it to recharge). Also noteworthy is the music, which is quite memorable and very nicely composed. So why then don't I love this game? Somehow it just doesn't quite have what it takes to make me want to play it too often, or to try to reach the end. The enemies seem a bit uninspired (a lot of killer butterflies and bees and assorted generic humanoids) and the game just moves a bit slow. Indeed, Alisia Dragoon always seems to remain mildly compelling without ever reaching exciting or fun. And the worst part is that if you weren't bored enough going through a level, if you die (and have a continue), you'll have to attempt the level again from the very start.

All things considered, Alisia Dragoon is a decent game, though admittedly the sexy Alisia and her cute companions make it a game that is more interesting than it might otherwise be, as does the cheesy yet boner-inspiring box art. Yum!

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