Altered Beast

Rating: C+

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE. What can I say about this classic? Transform from man into one of several powerful beasts, including werewolf, dragon, bear, and tiger man, and rescue the damsel in distress. Though the Genesis port of Altered Beast succeeded in recreating the arcade experience at home, the game is a bit short and would have benefited from a couple more levels added on, much like the Genesis version of Golden Axe was made longer in order to increase its replay value as a console game. In terms of difficulty, Altered Beast is not too tough, being the sort of game you can master if it holds your interest long enough to merit enough plays. Admittedly, the game just isn't very compelling and after a few plays of it you will likely be bored, though it does have a cool theme and the novelty of turning from man to beast definitely adds to the game's charm.

An "A" for nostalgia and a "C+" for gameplay, Altered Beast is a lukewarm game that will appeal more to old school Sega fans than those simply looking for a good Genesis game to play.

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