Bimini Run

Rating: F

My God--this has to be the crappiest Genesis game ever. Why does it make me feel like I'm playing on a Sega Master System? The graphics are crap and the sound too. The first stage of Bimini Run consists of chasing some bad guy in your speedboat while trying not to crash into all the assholes who are leisurely sailing around in their cute little schooners but they might as well be the Spanish Armada because there are literally hundreds of them impeding your way. I did this for about 20 seconds before I had had enough. And fock kind of name is "Bimini Run"?? Undoubtedly, this game came out of the the era of Miami Vice--or maybe Magnum P.I.--and that's the flavor it was trying to capture. And maybe it does that, but what it also does is serve as a cheap and effective means of lobotomizing yourself. Actually, the game is so bad that it's kind of funny--in a way--and for that reason alone I won't give it the all-time low score of negative 11 that I was originally planning on.

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