Bio-Hazard Battle

Rating: A

Ah, my favorite Genesis shooter. I like the whole organic/insect thing this game has going for it; the "spaceship vs aliens" theme of most shooters sometimes gets a little old. Good graphics, great music (one of the best Genesis soundtracks, in my opinion), cool power-ups, original enemies. I did see quite a few phallic symbols in this game though (really), so I'm not sure that I'd let my kids play it (if I had any) or if I'd feel comfortable playing it with another guy (2-player option). I do think it's pretty cool that you get to fight bosses that look like penis and scrotum though, and fly through vaginal walls, though I don't know how the programmers managed to slip that stuff past quality control.

This is the only X-rated Genesis game that I know of, other than Wings of Wor.

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