Rating: C-

Yet another lame Sonic the Hedgehog wannabe that's trying to be too cute for its own good. However, my bias against Bubsy for being a Sonic rip-off aside, this just isn't a very playable game. Sure, the graphics are colorful and cartoony, but the gameplay suffers from too many flaws. Bubsy moves fast, gliding along as if he were a skater on ice. Problem is, however, that deaths are too quick and unforgiving, given the game's strict collision results. Smack into a wall or enemy or fall off a short ledge and you're dead, treated of course to a retarded (oh, but it's ever so funny!) death animation that you'll be seeing in this game over and over and over again. There's also the very annoying habit enemies have of puckering up and blowing you into spiked pits, something against which you are helpless. What I'm saying, essentially, is that there are a million cheap ways to die in this game and you'll continually experience every one of them.

You know the type of 16-bit game with nice, colorful graphics that you think might be good but within five minutes you're clutching your controller with a white-knuckled grip and overwhelmed by a desire to rip the cartridge out and throw it against the wall? Well, this is that kind of game, though if that's your idea of fun then certainly give Bubsy a try.

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