Chase HQ II

Rating: C-

The object of this Chase H.Q. II is to catch up to the bad guys on the highway and repeatedly ram into them with your car. The more you ram into them, the more damage their vehicle takes until finally they pull over as it bursts into flames. Busted! You must choose one of three different vehicles at the start of each mission: sports car, SUV, or semi truck, from fastest to slowest, weakest to strongest. The best selection depends on what kind of vehicle the criminals will be driving that mission, this information being provided to you before you start (I wouldn't advise trying to ram a semi with a Ferrari!). You also start each mission with a limited supply of turbo power that acts like nitro and is best saved for when it's needed the most. The bad guys get tougher with each stage and more difficult to catch. There are also new obstacles such as bomb-dropping helicopters to contend with as you progress.

Screenshots of Chase H.Q. II and a look at the sexy Nancy at Chase H.Q. are what compelled me to buy this game. What a letdown. The animation of both the cars and the road is very jerky and could have been a lot smoother. Just look at Outrun, Outrun 2019, and Top Gear 2. Really, there's no excuse for the herky-jerky action of this game. And if that's not bad enough, the car physics suck too, as in you'll be hard pressed to stay on the road even when using the standard driving game skills of hitting the brakes on curves and letting off the gas. You can hold down the brakes until you're going 10 miles an hour and still find yourself running off the shoulder of the road. Add to that the frantic need to catch up to the bad guys before the time runs out, and you have a frustrating game. After a few plays you'll be sick of it. You'll also wonder why you wasted your cash.

A cool concept ruined by choppy animation, chaotic control, and tedious gameplay, Chase H.Q. II is simply no fun to play.

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