Decap Attack

Rating: C+

You play Chuck D. Head (yuk! yuk!), a decapitated mummy with a big face in the middle of his chest. The big face can pop out and bash Chuck's enemies. Whee!

The graphics are nice (clean and simple) and I have no complaint there. Also, as a platform game, all the necessary elements seem to be present. There are also some extras such as a screen where you can access your inventory and use different things to aid you in your little adventure, things such as potions or elixirs or what have you (I can't remember too well). Once in a while you'll get a skull head that rests where you otherwise would have no head at all, and you can throw it at the monsters who assail you. (Which is why your name is Chuck D. Head. Get it? CHUCK... D... HEAD. Hilarious!)

If I don't sound too thrilled with this game, it's because I'm not. I don't love it, I don't hate it. It's just... "OK." Maybe a little better than "OK." Maybe it's "kinda good," but not "really great." But if you're a big fan of platform games, then certainly give it a try.

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