Dashin' Desperadoes

Rating: C

This game is a redneck's wet dream: two cowboy brothers compete against each other in a rough-and-tumble spirit and take turns winning the affections of a denim-wearing country gal who's more than happy to oblige the both of them--if you know what I mean. It starts out with these two dashin' desperadoes having made it to the big city, and there they race against each other through strangely clean and tidy streets while jumping over obstacles and scrambling through sewer pipes and even throwing bombs at each other. But no one ever gets hurt, really, though the loser always gets really pissed and throws a temper tantrum while the other wins the heart of his favorite gal.

OK, to make it simple, this game basically plays like a game of track and field: run as fast as you can while hurdling over obstacles, though you do get to chuck some bombs too. And if it doesn't sound too thrilling that's because it's not, so don't expect much and you might just enjoy this game--for five minutes.

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