Rating: B

DUNE is a strategy wargame based upon Frank Herbert's classic Sci-Fi novel of the same name. It is somewhat similar in gameplay to Blizzard's Warcraft (or Starcraft) series though it actually predates Warcraft 1 by at least a couple of years. DUNE was also released on the PC (as was a sequel) sometime around the mid-90's, so you might be familiar with the DOS version. The graphics and sounds of the Genesis version are nothing pretty (apart from the title screen and intro) but the gameplay is very addictive. Build units, attack your enemy. The controller moves a cursor that is used to select units or access menus. If you like strategy wargames -- of which there are very few on the Genesis -- and want to play one on a console, you should get this. If you're into actions games, however, you'll be quickly bored.

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