Eternal Champions

Rating: D

Eternal Champions is an ambitious 2D fighting game with colorful graphics, good music, and a pretty interesting selection of characters. Gameplay is fast, though unfortunately the animation is pretty jerky. What makes this game truly suck, however, is its extreme difficulty. This has to be the hardest 2D fighter I've ever played. There are NO continues. Lose against an opponent and you'll be sent back to fight the same opponent you faced two fights back. Frustrating? Oh, just a little. The special moves system is lousy too. You can't pull one off unless your Yin & Yang symbol is fully charged. If it's not charged you can't do it. Meanwhile, your opponents suffer from no such limitations. Add to this bitter crappiness a boss who is harder than M.Bison and Shang Tsung combined, and you have a truly cheap, vicious, maddening, nigh unplayable game.

Recommended only for supreme masters of 2D fighting games (who might beat it, but will still hate it), masochists, fanboys in denial, and OCD gamers who will be compelled to keep trying regardless of how bad a game this is, Eternal Champions is one of the worst fighters available for the Sega Genesis.

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