Rating: C

Flicky is a port of a late-80s arcade game. The object of the game is to run around (as a little bluebird) and grab your lost baby chicks and get them out the exit door, thus completing a level. Along the way enemy cats and lizards try to kill you. You must either avoid these creatures or temporarily knock them off the screen by throwing things such as flowerpots and tea cups at them, though these objects are in limited supply. The baby chicks that you rescue follow you around like train cars. You can drop them off at the exit door at any time, though the more you drop off at once, the more points you score. Between levels are bonus stages where you must catch the chicks that fall from the air, though these stages only serve as a chance to score extra points.

Flicky is a game that seems like cute, simple fun at first but gets boring after a couple of levels. I don't recommend spending too much to get it, as it's likely a game you'll lose interest in very soon.

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