Ka Ge Ki: Fists of Steel

Rating: C

I remember this game from an arcade back in '89 (I think that was the year) but I didn't discover that it was ported to the Genesis until very recently. Now, some people might think this game sucks, but I like it, mostly because I remember it from the arcade. Apart from it's worth as nostalgia, however, I think it stands pretty well on it's own as a fighting game, and has an end scene that's worth getting to.

What makes this fighter somewhat original is the fact that you can move in any direction you want to and not just side to side like in most other 2D fighting games. The moves are simple: jab (quick), heavy punch (slow), dodge, and jump. The object: defeat the mini-bosses who control each floor so that you can finally make it up to your arch-nemesis, the evil Ka Ge Ki, who's waiting for you on level 9. Every once in a while you'll get a powerup from a boxing glove or a hamburger that just happens to mysteriously appear in the middle of the room. The graphics are pretty good though I will admit that the music sounds like a crappy midi song playing through an 8-bit Soundblaster card on a 386 PC, which I suppose is something that a lot of people accuse early Genesis games of sounding like.

Not a lot of replay value with this one but it's worth a try.

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