Ms. Pac-Man

Rating: B-

The classic Ms. Pac-Man. Race around a maze gobbling dots and eating power-up pills so that you can snack on a pursuing ghost. I'm a fan of the original arcade incarnation of Ms. Pac-Man, but not the Genesis version. The graphics have been updated -- they're more glossy and detailed than the original -- and there is the addition of a "Pac booster" that lets you zoom around the maze at lightning speed. Furthermore, there are various maze types you can select from before starting the game: mini maze, big, strange, or regular.

The problem with the Genesis version of Ms. Pac-Man is that the maze does not fit entirely on the screen. Instead, the screen scrolls up and down as you navigate through the maze. I find this very annoying, as I want to be able to see the entire maze at once, knowing where all the ghosts and dots are at all times.

NOTE: This game is not compatible with a 6-button controller without using the MODE button, so if you're using a 6-button controller and Ms. Pac-Man's won't respond, that's why.

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