Rating: B

This game's not too accurate on its Greek Mythology but it's still a fine shooter. You're supposed to be the god Apollo, and you ride atop the winged horse Pegasus, your task being to save your lover Artemis who has been taken captive by Typhon, ruler of darkness. Yeah, like I said, so Namco wasn't so accurate with the mythology. Fight your way through a series of increasingly difficult levels while battling skeletons, griffin riders, dragons, and other various bad guys. At the end of every stage you face off against some oversized mythological monster (Medusa, the Lernean Hydra, various demons). Along the way you can collect power-ups that increase Pegasus' speed as well as the effectiveness of your weapon, which is essential if you hope to live very long.

The graphics range from nice to mediocre, depending on the level, and the music and effects sound pretty good.

In all, Phelios is a fun game to play.

And look: anime boobs!

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