Rings of Power

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Rating: C-

Submitted by dandy2000: No review as yet. (But this game sucks)

Submitted by WEBGIRL on 9/3/0: This game remains a firm favourite among my collection. This game is the most complex games I have ever played. I've owned this for about 3 - 4 years, and I STILL can't finish it.

The sound is cool at times, but the quality itself is a bit dodgy. The graphics are great, and lots of effort has been put in to the spells (especially the most powerful one for each person).

I have never played a game quite like this before. This is a random order game, you can do almost anything you want that you can do at that stage. I've got one more thing to complete before I go to the final stage, but it's so darn hard that I find myself just dotting around killing bad guys over and over again.

I recommend buying Rings of Power to anyone who hasn't got it, and I'm not just saying that. Although even the experts (which is definitely NOT me) can find this rock solid at times, it truly is a classic, and will remain one of the best games to play for as long as we all still know the Genesis.

Rating: 99

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