Road Rash

Rating: B

Fun game with unfortunately crappy graphics and choppy animation. If the graphics were better this game would score higher. Actually, the sound is weak too. I guess they're supposed to be "silent" motorcycles or something because they don't even make any noise unless you turn off the cheesy music (which I would suggest, as the music sucks and is very annoying). Still, what it lacks in graphics and sound Road Rash more than makes up for in gameplay. Race against your opponents and punch them right in the face if they get too close. Once in a while you'll get lucky and find yourself armed with a billy club, which you can steal from your opponents when they take swipes at you. Take my word for it, there's nothing more satisfying then clubbing someone in the head and seeing them fly off the back of their motorcycle.

Motorcycle racing + violence = a lot of fun. A true classic.

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