Road Rash II

Rating: B

Overall, this game is just like Road Rash (see review) but with slightly improved graphics and smoother animation (though the graphics are still a bit rough and the animation still choppy). There are some gameplay enhancements as well. In addition to the nightstick, you can now wield a chain. You'll also find your bike flying through the air from time to time when you hit a big hill. I have to say the new password system is great too: passwords are half the length of those in Road Rash 1, so they're not such a chore to enter every time you want to continue your game. The biggest enhancement is the addition of a split-screen 2-player mode, though honestly I can't see anyone wanting to play it as gameplay suffers from a lot of slow-down due to the demands placed on the Genesis CPU.

Like its predecessor, Road Rash II is a very fun game that helps to satisfy my need for physical violence. (Or does it help create it?) Just look at the title screen. Great stuff.

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