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Sega CD Mini Game Reviews
Current reviews: 18

The infamous Sega CD. Sure, there's a lot of crap that was made for it (which includes just about every FMV game put out for the system) but there are also some good games to be found. Besides, a 16-bit CD-based console? That's just too cool.

AH-3 ThunderStrikeGood1 2 3Ever play Gunship on the Commodore 64? No? Well, ever play... Well, I don't know but this game isn't too bad. Fly around on little missions (3D cockpit view) while blowing up tanks, bunkers, howitzers, and taking out jet fighters with air-to-air missiles. Complete each mission to advance to the next. Very fast action.
The Animals!Wretched1 2 3 4Ah, the early days of "interactive" multimedia software. What a nightmare it was. Take a tour of the San Diego Zoo on your Sega CD and then realize how pathetic it is that you even own this title. The worst part would have to be the horrible resolution of the digitized graphics and the beyond grainy animations. Absolutely terrible. But hey, you can learn about the dangers of "clear cutting" and go out and hug the Earth. Enjoy.
BouncersPoor1 2 3 4Retarded game where the premise is that two cartoonish basketballs are facing off one-on-one, bouncing all over the place and trying to sink themselves into the basket. Colorful graphics don't save this game from being an utter waste of time and effort.
Ground Zero TexasPoor1 2 3 4Yet another horrid FMV game for the Sega CD, this one incorporating the light gun. It's a mix of watch the crappy movie/shoot baddies with the light gun. I've heard people say this is actually a "good" FMV game, but methinks they need to lay off the ganja. Where are all these FMV game actors today though, I wonder. Tough luck.
The Masked Rider (Kamen Zo)Poor1 2 3 4 5 6FMV game in the style of Dragon's Lair: watch the movie while pushing the joystick/hitting the button at the right moment to advance the character through each scene. Either this game is intentionally trying to capture the hokeyness of the Japanese "robot hero" TV shows of the 1970s (Ultraman) or it's trying to be serious yet ends up being utterly comical without even realzing itself (hey, no offense, but it's from Japan). Silly storyline and special effects, campy voice acting: this game is ridiculous through and through. It'd almost be amusing just to watch the whole movie if the game itself wasn't such a chore to play.
Mega RaceWretched1 2 3 4One of the worst games on the Sega CD. Graphics: suck. Gameplay: suck. Overall: poo-poo x 2. At least they got a decent Hollywood B-actor for the intro and cutscenes though. And for once the FMV resolution is actually of decent quality (for 16-bit).
Power MongerPoor1 2 3 4 5 6I had the Amiga version of this game, which I enjoyed save for the fact that FLOPPY load times were damn slow. I was expecting the Sega CD version of Power Monger to be everything the Amiga version was (cool graphics, music, gameplay) yet faster, prettier, and better sounding. I was very wrong. The magic of the Amiga version is gone, replaced by a piece of elephant dung that attempts to make up for its deficiencies with some -cough- "multimedia" bells and whistles such as the additon of cheesy music and bad computer animation. And why is this version so ugly? Isn't the Genesis/Sega CD supposed to have better graphics than the Amiga? Blah.
PuggsyGood1 2 3Easygoing platform puzzle game. Nice graphics. I thought this game was going to be boring at first but it ended up being OK. Pick up objects to open other objects or to help you get Puggsy to the end of each level. Big, cartoonish bosses await you.
Robo AlesteExcellent1 2 3 4One of the unsung heroes of the Sega CD. This is a shooter that excels in every department: graphics, sound, music, and action. If you don't have it you're missing out.
SilpheedExcellent1 2 3 4Great 2D/3D hybrid shooter. Nonstop action. Excellent music. A must for owners of the system.
SnatcherExcellent1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12The legendary Snatcher. I must cave-in to peer pressure and give this game the highest rating possible, though honestly I'm not too crazy about it. The storyline of the game is a rip-off of both The Terminator and Blade Runner, though at the same time the humor and situations are decidedly adolescent. The voice-acting also drives me nuts; though in quality it far exceeds what you'll find in most video games, it still grates on my nerves. The thing is, the main character is some Harrision Ford (as Rick Deckard of Blade Runner) wannabe yet he sounds like one of those radio guys with the deep, phoney voices. Blah. And then there's the silliness of the robot sidekick and all that. Then suddenly you're looking at a dismembered corpse. Come on, this game can't decide if it wants to be for 12-year-olds or adults. I will say, however, that though I'm not a fan of Snatcher it is very good at being what it is: that is, you can tell a real top-notch effort (and a lot of talent) went into making it. The graphics are very nice too. And in case you don't know already, this is an adventure game, and though there are light gun action scenes most of the game is spent doing things like "INVESTIGATE CORPSE" or "USE KEY," etc.
Sol-FeaceGood1 2Pretty good shooter that for some reason has gotten a bad rap. I don't understand why, as this game is pretty fun. Pretty much the same as the cartridge version with the exception of a CD soundtrack, which is pretty good. Also includes a lengthy anime intro, complete with traditionally bad voiceover.
Sonic CDGood1 2I still prefer Sonic 1 & 2. In terms of graphics and action, this game seems very similar to Sonic 3. Also has a CD soundtrack that ranges from groovy to super queer ("Sonic Boom" has to be the gayest video game tune I've ever heard).
Soul StarFair1 2 3So-so quasi-3D shooter. Nothing too exciting but still worth owning. Sort of reminds me of Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom ;).
Stellar FirePoor1 2 3 4First Dynamix brought us Stellar 7 on the PC in 1992, and after that game's market success I suppose they thought they'd follow it up with Stellar Fire on the Sega CD. Problem is, this game really blows. It plays like a Battle Zone tank game except you can zip along at about 100 miles-per-hour, shooting a puny laser that goes "phew! phew! phew!" as you try to blast the enemy. Boring, boring, boring. But hey, check out the sexy space pilot babe in pic #2. Hubba hubba.
Surgical StrikeGood1 2 3 4 5 6 7What do you know: a FMV game that doesn't belong in the toilet. Now a lot of people are going to think I'm high for rating this "good," but I don't know what to tell you. At first, I though this game was going to be utter tripe (like every other FMV game in existence); however, I was quickly pulled in by it. The plot, acting, and dialogue are so cheesy that I got a real hoot out of playing this. There's lots and lots of explosions too, which I've been told Americans really love. Move the crosshairs with your controller and pick a target. Also to be seen are screaming bodies flying through the air on fire. Really. This game would make the kind of movie rednecks and NRA members love. Fight the Arabs and stop an "Islamic madman" from taking over the world. HILARIOUS.
Who Shot Johnny Rock?Wretched1 2 3 4FMV (full motion video) game at its worst. Put this disc in and welcome to Sega CD hell. The digitized graphics belong on a Commodore 64. If you're really hard up for a really crappy light gun game though, here you go. Who farted?
World Cup USA 94Poor1 2 3 4Dreadful soccer AKA "football" game that will only appeal to die-hard fans of the sport. The graphics are mediocre and the gameplay quite dull. The game is also bogged down with complexities, as before each match you can tweak a myriad of different rules options, edit your player roster, set preferences, etc. If you see this game selling for 50 cents at a local shop (like I did), know that it's for good reason.