Slaughter Sport

Rating: F

Is there anyone who even likes this game? Imagine the mind-numbing gameplay of Shaq Fu, but then replace the basketball player and martial artists with two Charles Bronson look-alikes on crack. Because that's what this game is like--two Charles Bronson look-alikes on crack cocaine. And what's with "Mondu," the corpulent Jabba the Hut wanna-be with 44 double-D boobs? And don't miss the mutant lobster chick with the flippers and the 1980s fashion model standing there with a hand on her hip. Does this game sound like your idea of a sexual fantasy? Would you rather pair up with Mondu, or the chick with the flippers? Do you like movies starring Charles Bronson? Do you dream of being a toughguy? Do you like crappy Genesis games that make even the lamest of NES titles look good?

Do you?

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