Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Rating: 100/100 (non-dandy rated)

Submitted by dandy2000: No review as yet.

Rating: A

Submitted by WEBGIRL: Well this is the coolest Sonic game yet (even beats Sonic 3D and Sonic and Knuckles) plug this in with Sonic and Knuckles and enjoy extra levels, as well as getting to play the moody teenage echidna himself.
SOUND: The coolest. I mean it. I love the funky level tunes, not to mention the mini-boss tunes. That rocks!
GAMEPLAY: Cool. But I'm just saying that because I've finished it 6 times. But once you've beaten the game, you really do wanna play it again!
ORIGINALITY: Well this is kinda different from the other Sonic games. The platform concept is the same, but there is a noticeable difference. It is a big improvement.
GRAPHICS: The same as the previous Sonic games, but the backgrounds are totally.... well, COOL! What else can I say?
Soon I think I might have my perfect score. But for now - ah what the hell, 100 it is! I would be going for Gunstar Heroes, but I've made my score, and this is my "technical" method. The 4 features are perfect, so yeah, 100!

Rating: A

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