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Rating: A

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Submitted by WEBGIRL: THE STORY SO FAR: Meet Knuckles, The Echidna with a serious attitude problem. Echidna is the only inteligent life form on a floating island with sparkly gems.
Meet Robotnik, a dumb-arse who managed to trick Knuckles into thinking Sonic was after those sparkly gems.
If the sparkly gems, known as the Chaos Emeralds (them again), are to be parted from the Floating Island (that is what it is called) it falls into the sea. :) Hang on a mo. This is the plot for Sonic 3! Ah Who cares? It's the same plot!

Sound: Cool, but not as good as Sonic 3.
Playability: This is a great game! Almost as good as Sonic 3.
Graphics: Same as the other Sonic games (well apart from the backgrounds :P )
Originality: This is a LOT like Sonic 3. Too much like Sonic 3.

Apart from the great similarity to Sonic and Knuckles (even for a Sonic game) this is still a great game. I will keep playing it, anyway.