Streets of Rage 2

Rating: A-

One of the all-time Genesis classics and the best Final Fight style beat-em-up available for the system. Nice graphics, great music, simple yet addicting gameplay. Choose from one of four characters -- a pro wrestler, a hunky Bally's Fitness homosexual, a sexy ass-kicking babe, or a dorky kid I've yet to ever see anyone pick -- and unleash your godless fury on the whole goddamn city. The girl wears panties and a garter belt (pause button) and the Bally's guy has a lot of issues with hostility. How fun is this friggin game? Well, OK, it can get a bit old after beating the crap out of thug clone #543, but it's still good entertainment. What's even better is playing it with a friend (if you have one). So put your sorry X-Box away and slam this action-packed monument to street violence into your Genesis RIGHT NOW!

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