Streets of Rage 3

Rating: B

If you've played Streets of Rage I & II you've pretty much played this one: walk around and beat the guts out of an army of clones who sometimes wear different colored clothing, pick up lead pipes and eat food out of garbage cans. Like its predecessors, SoR III badly needs some variety of opponents. If you don't believe me then look at the picture above. Muscular, blonde-haired, quadruplets? Actually, there's a whole bunch of these guys, and they are all identically dressed. And joining them are a race of swarthy street thugs wearing red bandanas and denim vests, and other such criminal-types, and you alone can stop them.

All in all, SoR III is a good game if you're into old school beat 'em ups, though unforunately it seems to be the priciest of the whole series while still being inferior to its predecessor, Streets of Rage II. The characters and level design of SoR II were a lot better, and it was simply more fun to play.

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