Splatterhouse 2

Rating: B

The concept and creepy atmosphere of Splatterhouse 2 make it a very unique offering for the Genesis. Though the graphics of Splatterhouse 3 are a grade better, Splatterhouse 2, in my opinion, has more flavor and is simply more fun to play. Splatterhouse 2 picks up a couple of months after the original Splatterhouse (arcades & Turbo Grafx 16) ended. Returning is our Friday-the-13th-looking, Jason-esque hero, his desperate task being to rescue his blonde girlfriend from a host of hideous, supernatural horrors. Progress through each level in a side-scrolling fashion while fighting all sorts of grotesque fiends, occasionally picking up cleavers and baseball bats with which to destroy your enemies. At the end of each level you come up against a powerful boss. Lots of violence and B-horror gore. This is a very cool game that belongs in any Genesis fan's library.

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