Rating: B

This game has it all: guns, whores, cowboys, indians, evil bosses, and, best of all, very nice graphics and tunes. Walk along in a side-scrolling fashion blasting the bad guys, collecting weapon power-ups and picking up the coins that the dead guys drop (to add to your score) along the way. At the end of each stage awaits the guy on the "Wanted" poster that you must kill--i.e. the evil boss. Cormano our Mexican hero wields a big shotgun, and Billy a pair of six-shooters. The pace can get a little hectic and there are lots of bullets and exploding dynamite to avoid. You'll be dying often, but luckily you get a couple of "continues" before it's game over. In-between stages are bonus rounds where you can collect health, extra lives, and extra points by chasing a wagon upon horseback and grabbing the goodies thrown to you. As mentioned, the graphics are very nice and quite colorful and the Western-style tunes really add to the flavor of the game.

Overall, Sunsetriders is nothing amazing, but it is definitely a good solid game with a cool theme and lots of action.

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