Super Baseball 2020

Rating: A

Originally an arcade and Neo Geo game by SNK, Super Baseball 2020 is an excellent futuristic sports-action game for the Genesis. More than just a regular baseball game, Super Baseball 2020 fancifully depicts the sport as it has evolved in the year 2020. Far from being a slow, boring game of baseball, this one can be best described as baseball on steroids and mega doses of caffeine. Fastballs now streak towards homeplate at phenomenal speeds and get slammed out of the park in a manner Babe Ruth could only dream of. Also, unlike the dull game of times past, the Super Baseball league now includes sexy blonde babes and robots -- a winning combination for a video game if ever there was one.

Buy power-ups mid-game to beef up your players' hitting and fielding abilities. Watch out for the landmines in the field. Watch as your outfielders jump 15 feet in the air to catch a high-flying ball. Nail a batter with a 120-mile-an-hour pitch and watch the robot ambulance carry him off. At the end of every game, MVPs are announced and awarded things like sportscars and diamonds. A password is also given so that you may continue your fight for the pennant at a later time.

The graphics are big, colorful, and have a style all their own. The music is excellent: it's as fast and adrenaline-inducing as the game itself, and very catchy. Close-ups of fielders catching balls, homerun animations, and triumphant pitchers who have just struck out a batter really add to the flavor of the game. Truly, I don't know how any of the eye and ear candy could have possibly been improved.

To make it short, Super Baseball 2020 is so crammed with fun and action that even if you're not a baseball fan, you're bound to have a good time playing it. Indeed it is, in my opinion, the best 16-bit sports game ever made.

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