Vectorman 2

Rating: B+

I'm not quite sure what happened but somehow Vectorman 2 is an inferior game to its predecessor. The great graphics of Vectorman were taken even further, but the magic just isn't there. There seem to be more powerups and cool abilities such as Vectorman being able to morph into various robocreatures, but new features and nifty effects don't necessarily make a better game. Maybe Vectorman 2 just seems a little slower? The pacing just isn't there. I also don't like the switch from robotic enemies to giant insects. It was a lot funner blasting robots. My biggest gripe, however, is with the shoddy level design. Levels aren't as straightforward as in the first game, which means a lot of backtracking and wondering where to go. Also, the blind jumps are very annoying: being forced to leap without being able to see where you'll land.

Still, despite it's flaws, Vectorman 2 is an impressive 16-bit title.

(PS: Congratulations Josh Krebs. You are a true American hero.)

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