Rating: C+

Weaponlord has a very cool premise: fantasy warriors armed with big, mean weapons hacking the guts out of each other. In terms of being a playable fighting game, however, it falls a bit short.

While the character graphics and backgrounds look very cool, both are a little on the grainy side and the choppy animation might have been improved. Also, though each character has a wide variety of moves, you'll find that a lot of the moves look a lot better than they actually work, and so play often devolves into a block/strike with the one or two attacks you know will actually work/block routine. There's lots of splattering blood though, as well as some very interesting crotch shots of Jen-Tai, the ass-kicking, sexy barbarian princess. Besides, even if the game isn't all that great, as a closet fantasy nerd I still find myself playing it every so often, and I will say that it has some pretty cool barbarian-sounding music too. Others might be quickly bored, however, and Street Fighter II snobs definitely need not apply.

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