Wings of Wor

Rating: B

Wings of Wor (released as "Gynoug" in Europe). The hero is some kind of angel or hawkman or something, or just some goofy guy who's sprouted giant bird wings out his back. This is a great shooter with a lot of style, though the last couple of stages get way too hard, which leads to a lot of frustration. Nice graphics and some impressive visual effects, such as rotating or gelatinous enemies, earthquakes, and shifting, psychedelic backgrounds. In addition, the bosses are some of the most bizarre I've ever seen in a video game -- very creative. But, like I said, things get too tough near the end and extended play will only lead to a) the overwhelming desire to kill someone, or b) the need to bang your head up against a wall until you lose consciousness.

Oh, I forgot to mention: You need to be 18 or older to play this game. Look at the above screenshot. And if you don't know what that is then there's nothing I can say that'll help you.

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