Rating: C

Wolfchild is a platform game that borrows heavily from Altered Beast. You are Saul Morrow, son of some genius scientist type who has been kidnapped by some bad guys who want to use his scientific knowledge to take over the world. At least, I think that's what the plot was. Plot really doesn't matter in these games. The gist of it is that Saul's scientist father discovered how to change humans in to wolfmen, and so now his son uses this ability to fight the bad guys who took daddy away, and if you get enough powerups you turn into a wolfman like in the first stage of Altered Beast, only instead of possessing the ability to tear out the throats of your victims with your sharp, canine teeth, splattering the screen with blood, (no, you couldn't do this in Altered Beast either) you get to shoot some stupid energy bolts at them. So instead of making the hero turn into a wolfman the game designers could have just made him find a big gun that shoots energy bolts every-so-often, but, hmm, isn't it neat to see him shape-change into a werewolf? I suppose so. Still, this game isn't too thrilling. There are better plaform shooters available, and if you want to play one where you're a guy who runs around blasting things, get Mega Turrican instead, and if you want to play a game where you turn into a werewolf, go find Altered Beast.

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