Wonder Boy in Monster World

Rating: B

A childish-looking quasi-RPG. It's a platform game with RPG elements such as some minor character interaction and the abliity to purchase weapons, armor, healing potions, and other such adventuring necessities. The graphics are big and colorful and very well done. The game functions in a very linear fashion: complete quest 1 to move on to quest 2, complete quest 2 to go on to 3, etc. There is a battery inside the cartridge so you can save a game in progess (though only one at a time). The enemies you battle are more comical than scary, but, again, this game has a very cutesy, cartoonish look to it, and obviously isn't striving to capture the attention of the buxom sorceress craving Dungeons and Dragons crowd.

If you like cute, light-hearted, not-so-tough platform adventures, give this one a try.

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