Zero Tolerance

Rating: D

Submitted by dandy2000: No review as yet. (But it sucks)

Submitted by WEBGIRL on 9/5/0: Aliens. Lots of them. Even the little human-like dudes are aliens. You shoot them, they shoot you, and you KEEP DYING. Yep, just another day for me. Actually, it's the general plot for Zero Tolerance, an overcensored game (it's not even gory for a 15) that has the same gamestyle as that classic Doom.

The sound is crap. The only good tune is the title tune, and the quality? Sucks more than a baby with its bottle. The gameplay, however, is a different story. There is no end to the levels! Good thing U can take the password. The gamestyle is a bit like Doom, but thankfully it hasn't stolen any of the other gameplay features. The graphics are good. Smooth moving. But if you like gore, you will be dissappointed. There's the occasional blood smeared on the walls, but apart from that all there's left is a dead body.

An adequate game, it's nothing to sing about. But it is still worthwhile to play, so I'll give it 85/100.

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