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Ads, scans, and the unusual

The art of Gynoug / Wings of Wor!
By sheer chance I came across this incredible artwork that I'm assuming was used either as either advertising or concept art for the great Megadrive/Genesis game Gynoug. Recognize these guys? These were done by the Japanese artist Satoshi Nakai and were found at this website. This guy is amazing!

The pictures: Gynoug 1 | Gynoug 2 | Gynoug 3

Sega 32x all-in-one AKA "Neptune"
Here's some buzz about a Sega 32x all-in-one unit from a Spring 1995 issue of Megaplay. Sadly, this machine (which was scheduled for release Fall 1995) never hit the market.

Strange Russian Segas still being sold!
Check out this very unusual (pirate) Sega hardware that's being sold behind the Not-So-Iron-Anymore Curtain. This stuff looks very interesting indeed, moreso than anything that ever hit US shores (apart from the CDX or X'Eye, that is). Some of it looks like tricked-out Genesis model 2 & 3 units, and one looks like it's a Genesis housed in a PS One case. (These were found at at

Pictures: Sega Magistr Drive X, Sega Magistr Drive X model 2, Sega Magistr Drive 2 Mini, Sega Magistr Drive Z, Sega Magistr Drive 5, Sega Magistr One (PS One?).

Sega magazine ads
Streets of Rage

"A street fighting game that'll knock your socks off. Go at 'em with everything you've got. Pipes. Bottles. Knives. Dish out justice however you see fit."

Because the justice system doesn't work anymore.


A 3rd party all-in-one Sega CD/Genesis. Probably the coolest Sega 16-bit machine ever, next to the Sega CDX.

Sega 32x

"There are lots of hot 32x games that can satisfy your urges in ways other games can't."

Panic - Sega CD

The most disgusting video game ad I've ever seen, but the funniest too.

Japanese Megadrive box art
Because it's so much better.
Alien Storm

A very mediocre game, but damn if this Japanese Mega Drive version doesn't have some of the coolest box art I've ever seen.


The box art for the Japanese release of Strider was immeasurably better than the extremely lame crap art that got stuck on the front of the US and European versions.

Golden Axe 3

Never released in the US.

Ninja Warriors

Ninja Warriors for the Mega CD. I'm a sucker for ninja games. This game might blow but the cover art looks very promising. Wish I could try it out.

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